Ose Mountain

Nov - 10 2013

“Ose Mountain”. Released: 0. Track 1.

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  1. Ruth Mossberg says:

    Thanks for sharing your lives. You two are amazing! I live in rural New London, MN with my partner Andrea. A grand friend of ours, Kris Nelson Jensen, plays in a band with your buddy Steve. It was through a post of Kris/Steve that I saw your link.
    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing/hearing more adventures.

    • Duane Ose says:

      Thank You Ruth for your wonderful comment. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond but I have had some problems in getting into my own web site till today. I know how now and will be adding to the posts. Again thank you. As ever Duane

  2. jeff peterson says:

    loved the song…. brings back memories….. ose mountain is where i wanna be

    • Duane Ose says:

      Thank You Jeff you will always be a part of my life even after we are long gone history books will have our names in them maybe even a movie.

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